How to set up Load Balancing with CT Clamp with your Project EV Car Charger (EVA-07S-SE and EVA-22S-SE chargers only)

In this guide...

We'll show you how to set up Load Balancing on your Project EV Charger with the free Project EV App.

Please ensure that your installer has fitted the enclosed CT clamp that came with the charger. If they have not installed this or have trouble with how to install, please refer them to the video below:

Once the CT has been installed, please follow the guidance below:



  1. Follow Step 1-15 of How to commission your charger using a laptop
  2. Ensure Power Allocation Charge is Enabled
  3. External Max Limit Power
    1. 13kW (60A main fuse)
    2. 16kW (80A main fuse)
    3. 23kW (100A main fuse)
  4. Press Set and reboot


  1. Follow How to Commission a Project EV charger using the Project EV App (Installer)
  2. Check charger shows Available on the app
  3. Click settings icon in the top-right corner of the app
  4. Click Load Balancing
  5. Swipe to Enable Power Allocation Charge
  6. Set Main Fuse Size to:
    1. 13kW (60A main fuse)
    2. 16kW (80A main fuse)
    3. 23kW (100A main fuse)

Still Stuck?  

If you are still having trouble following our guide, then please get in touch by either starting a live chat with our team, submitting a ticket here or give us a call on 0333 733 0333. We'll be happy to help.

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