What is the Project EV Pro App?

What is the Project EV Pro App?

The Project EV Pro App is a unique EV charging platform, providing you the ability to utilise
public charging capabilities and manage and control multiple chargers - from which you can
generate a fluid revenue stream.

The Project EV Pro App dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to monitor your
charger activity, and review data and analytics to discover new revenue opportunities.

With our RFID function you can assign your staff a designated charging tag, creating a simple
workplace charging scheme with the swipe of a card - allowing for more efficient monitoring of
expenses costs.

  • Revenue & expenses analysis: daily, monthly, and yearly
  • Create RFID tags for charger operation
  • Redeem voucher codes
  • Multiple, easy payment methods

Why you need our Pro CRM

Control Everything

You will have full remote access and control of your charging fleet, with our Project EV CRM

Plan for the Future
Whether you are managing one or multiple chargers, the Project EV Pro App allows you complete oversight of charging activity, with the ability to expand your fleet across multiple charge
points to accommodate a growing business.

Mapped Network
Intuitive UI with a map display allows you to see the exact charger location and effectively plan for the location of additional chargers.

Customisable Tariffs
You can customise your tariff to provide the best options for users. You can, for example, provide free charging to your staff, or offer additional savings to people charging outside peak times. You choose the price.

Review Real-Time Data and Analytics
Analyse your data and learn your customers charging patterns. Turn your data into profit by adjusting tariffs to suit the charging behaviors of your customers.

Dynamic Load
Management Keep all charging stations in use by distributing the power flow evenly across the fleet, in the event of insufficient power

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