How to schedule a charge on your Project EV Car Charger

In this guide...

We will provide guidance on how to set a scheduled charge on your charger:

  1. Ensure the charger is in App Mode.
  2. To enable this:
    1. Press the settings icon on the top right corner of the page
    2. Open Charger Settings
    3. Change Method of Control to App
    4. The message "Executed Successfully" will be shown on the screen.
  3. The charger will now automatically reboot into App Mode.
  4. Return to the Home Screen.
  5. Click Pre-set Charging
  6. You can choose to schedule based on the following Pre-set Charge Functions:
    1. Duration - How long you wish to charge for
    2. Cost - How much you wish to spend
    3. Energy - The total in kW you wish to charge
  7. Once you have set your charging amount, you can choose whether to Start immediately or at a certain time
  8. Alternatively, Setting Start Time without setting Duration, Cost or Energy will set to charge until fully charged
  9. If you set a time, you can either set this as a one-off time or - by sliding the icon for everyday - set a daily schedule
  10. Press the Enter icon
  11. On the main screen, it should show that a reservation has been set
  12. Press cancel to stop reserve charging.


Still Stuck?  

If you are still having trouble following our guide, then please get in touch by either starting a live chat with our team, submitting a ticket here or give us a call on 0333 733 0333. We'll be happy to help.


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  • I tried to follow the guide but the app screen in the video doesn't match the lastest app I have.

    Also pre-set charge reservation doesn't work for start time 00:30 for 4hrs with everyday set.

  • Same here.  I followed this guide, and set reserve charging for 0:30 the next morning.  It did not charge the car.

  • Hi Kevin, ProjectEV have confirmed to me verbally that there is a problem with their reserved scheduling. I have been waiting for over two months now for some new firmware and they can't provide an indication when the new firmware with a fix will be released. I asked many times and I think becuase I kept asking they switched me over to the Electric Miles. This is working perfectly for the automatic charging using my low rate tariff time period. Before I was either having to wake up at 12:30am or start a scheduled charge at 11:55pm for 4.5hrs to make the best use of the low rate.

  • Hi Matt, thanks for your update.  They switched me to "Electric Miles" today - I will find out if it works at 00:30 tomorrow morning :)

  • It is now 03:27 am.  "Electric Miles" failed in the same way - I had to start it manually.  Please let me know how you got it to work, Matt.  I set up the car and the supplier tariff rates as close as I could (neither of mine were in their lists) and then chose "Schedule charging" 0:31 save

  • The only proceedure that works for me is:

    1 - unloick the car

    2 - unplug the cable from the car

    3 - plug the cable in the car

    4 - Start "Charge now" on the app  (now Electric Miles, before Project EV)


  • Hi Kevin,

    The exact tariff I was on was also not there either but I selected Octopus Energy -> Octopus Go which had off-peak times of 00:30 to 04:30 the same. Electric miles have since added my tariff after I called them and sent the details. I understand they are looking in to ways to make that aspect better.

    The magic setting for me was to turn on smart charging. It has worked everytime flawlessly for me and it turns on and off at exactly the right time whereas the Project EV app when it tried to do it was always off by a minute or two. After selecting the tariff and having smart charging turned on you can see the rates in settings and if the car is ready to charge ie plugged in then it will show you next charging window times on the home screen.

    I have tested the schedule charge feature when I was switched to Electric Miles, again this worked fine and I see this as a good way to top up the car if the 4 hours over night is not enough for the next journey/trip rather than having to cancel the reserved charging like you would need to do with Project EV and then remember to re-enter all the reserved charging settings again.


  • Hi Matt,  Thank you for your detailed instructions.  I do not think we have the same problem as you say that the original app worked with timed delay, but was a minute or two off, whereas I have not yet had any successful delayed switch on - though both apps thought they were doing it.

    "Electric Miles" failed.  I set up "smart charging" as directed.  I have set up the utility to be Octopus Go 0:30 - 05:30 as this is the nearest to my actual Octopus Go 0:30 to 04:30.  When I went to bed it was happy that its "next smart charging window" was 0:30 to 05:30, in lilac.  When I came down and checked, my car is uncharged. (03:10 am).  I tried telling it to "Charge now" for 4h.  The app responded with "Oops something went wrong" in a toast - and did not actually start charging (though the app now showed a green "stop charge" button.  
    I have started it charging by:
    1 - unlock the car
    2 - unplug the cable from the car
    3 - plug the cable in the car
    4 - Start "Charge now" on the app with the amount of time set to 4h.
    With both this and the original ProjectEV app there appears to be the same problem - they try to start charging after a timed delay, and the unit will not switch on, but gives some error.  Unlocking the car is not enough, it needs the cable to be unplugged and plugged.
    I will post here if this eventually gets fixed.

  • I'm also having problems bit of a different nature. I tried the delayed charge function in the project ev app. From 00.30 to 04.30 and it worked flawlessly BUT, it then acted as though there was a further schedule set at 04.30 and started a new charge. I could not stop this charge from the app, I had to physically unplug to stop.
    Very strange. I can set a timed charge from within the car which I guess I'll continue to do but using the project ev app would be more convenient.

  • My charger is repeatedly failing to charge via the pre-set charging option.

    It accepts the request but in the morning it's pulsing green, the app says there has been a charging event of 0.0kWh and the car has no charge.

    It's costing me ten times more to go to a public charger to get enough charge so that I can then get to work, late.


  • I have exactly the same problem. The app thinks its charging but at 0 kwh.

  • Looking at the over 2 year old comments that haven't been replied, isn't filling me with much hope!


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